Yes, I made ‘mistakes’ with my modifications.

I stretched quickly and wore my tapers alot because I couldn’t afford to buy plugs, and had no clue about taping.
I got home tattoos and pierced my own ears.
But they have turned out a million times bettet than any of my professional modifications I’ve got.
My lobes are blow out free and no infection in sight. They’re thick, clean and lovely.

But lets have a look at some of my modifications shall we?

20mm lobe… and no, no blow out, that thicker bit of skin is down to my natural ears and my shitter camera skills. And the redness is a skin disorder, js.
See that rook piercing? Done by a professional, using a needle, but was done too far over that it’s caused an alot of swelling, and I still get infections with it sometimes.
I salt bathe it everyday to try too keep the infection down, but nothing is working so far.

This tattoo was done by a professional. I’m happy with it, but as you can see.. the colour in some of the petals has faded, and the quality of the colour work is pretty shoddy.

Obviously isn’t finished.
This is one of my home tattoos, done by my friend who is an artist.
All sterile equipment.
The only slight ‘wobbles’ I can see on the line work is where I moved or jolted slightly.
I am extremally proud of this tattoo, whether you think it’s perfect or not.

Another one of my home tattoos, done exactly how I wanted it, so it looked like an actual signature.

And this lovely piece of work was done by a professional…

Notice the lovely difference in line thickness, the way the ink looks like it’s bleeding under the skin.

Never tell me that professionals are best.
His man had a good portfolio of work, and some amzing quality script.
And this is the piece of shit I’m left with.

So, you can scream at me till you’re blue in the face about how I’m irresponsible and childish when it comes to my mods, but this post is proof that professional work is not always the quality that you make it out too be.

Sorry about the shit quality photos. HTCs don’t have good cameras.